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Specialist Repairs 



There are certain types of building repair that not all builders can do, that is because it is specialised in nature. At Buildforce we draw upon our 40 years of building knowledge to identify the cause and extent of the damage. From our inspection, we formulate detailed scope of work for the rectification including detailed specifications. This enables Buildforce to return your property to a condition that will ensure the damage does not continue and the property is returned to its original if not better condition. 

The types of specialised repair we undertake are:

  • Crack repair to concrete and brickwork

  • Waterproofing to walls,  basements, and floors, both positive and negative waterproofing.

  • Underpinning

  • Floor leveling   

If you would like to discuss how Buildforce can assist you please call our office or send us a contact request.

Buildforce can also carry out specialised reports on your property to give you an in-depth overview of the issues you have and the causation. If this is something you would also require please click on the below button.

Dealing with insurers when you have a claim can be frustrating.

Buildforce is here to help, with expertise that other builders to not have. 

Builforce knows what the common issues are when making a claim this is because we have been dealing with insurers for 12 years. 


What are the common issues and how can we help?

1)  Not knowing what you are covered for.

Our in-house qualified Loss adjuster can review your policy and cover for you, and advise what is covered under your claim.

2)  Disputing the insurer's scope of work for repairs.

After a review of your policy and a visit to your home our estimators can formulate a scope of work that captures all works required to repair your home, we can also deal directly with your insurer if so desired.

3) Delays in the repairs being actioned. 

During large events many insurance builders who work direct for the insurer can be over run with work. When this occurs they look to sub let their works to other builders, but still under their name. This can get confusing as you are now dealing with the insurer and two builders.

This can also cause delays and the ability of the insurance-appointed builder to maintain quality may also be hindered.


Did you kmow you do not need to use the insurers repairer, you can request a cash settlement and appoint your own builder to action the works. This is where Buildforce comes into our own. We deal direct with you and in doing so remove the insurer and insurer builder. You have control!

You may be told by the insurer that their guarantee for the workmanship will not apply if you have a cash settlement. All building works in Queensland over $3,300 in value do fall under the QBCC home insurance warranty scheme*, which guarantees the building works for a period of at least 6 years from the contract signing date, so you have peace of mind.  


Other advantages are.

Unknown damage.


Whilst we endeavour to capture all repair works in the scope of works, there are sometimes unseen repairs that only come apparent when repairs commence. We deal directly with the insurer providing them with detailed information and costing of the additional works to enable you to get the cover for the additional costs for these repairs. With minimum to no delays to the ongoing repairs.  


You decide to carry out alterations to your home which you had planned which do not fall under the insurance scope of works, as you see this as an opportunity to minimise disruption. This can be that you want to change the positions of the bathroom fixtures locations such as the bath, shower, and toilet. Insurance only covers returning you to a position you were in prior to the damage occurring. That means they do not change the bathroom around to suit your new requirements.


Most insurance builders will only carry out the repairs authorised by the insurance company and no more. This is because sometimes disputes arise between the homeowner, builder, and insurer. This can get messy when insurance repairs overlap general renovations. This is why most insurer builders don't do additional work for the homeowner outside the insurance scope of work.


If you have taken a cash settlement you are able to action other works or make changes and alterations that differ from the original design and repair. Buildforce is happy to do this for the homeowner.


Buildforce has over 40 years of building experience and prides our selves on our customer service and the quality of our repairs.


If you would like to discuss how Buildforce can assist you with your insurance claim, please call our office or send us a contact request.


* Some types of building work do not fall under the QBCC home warranty insurance policy.

Insurance  Repairs 

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